Business and Computer Education

Microsoft Office Suite 2013 (Comprehensive)

*Articulated Course with San Bernardino Valley College!

College course ID CIT 100.

This course introduces students to basic computer concepts through the applications of MS Office Suite: Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, and to the Internet. Students also learn to use MS Outlook for electronic communications. Students must have a basic knowledge of the Windows Operating System prior to taking this course including; opening and saving files, keyboard/mouse skills, using the taskbar, using the Internet and sending and receiving email with attachments. Supply Fee: $49, does not include textbooks. Requirement: Flash Drive.

Microsoft Excel 2013 & Microsoft Word 2013

Articulated Course with San Bernardino Valley College!

College course ID Word: CIT 020 Excel: CIT 114.

Students will create spreadsheets, enter/edit data in cells, create charts, pivot tables, and formulate logical mathematical formulas to make automatic calculations. Students will work toward acquiring the skills to take the MOS Certification for Excel & Word. Supply Fee: $49, does not include textbooks. Requirement: Flash Drive.

Prerequisite: MS Office Suite 2010/2013.

Quickbooks 2015 (Level 1, Level 2)

College course ID ACCT 047.

Class covers basic accounting through Quickbooks software and includes banking and finance needs, inventory accounting, accounts receivable and payable, tax records, payroll and business reports. Supply Fee: Level 1 - $35 | Level 2 - $49, does not include textbooks. Requirement: 4 GB Flash Drive minimum.

Prerequisite: MS Office Suite 2010/2013 Comprehensive.

The following courses do not require assessment.

New students must attend orientation each semester.

Non-native English speakers must have an intermediate English proficiency to enroll.

Keyboarding (Typing)

Articulated Course with San Bernardino Valley College!

College course ID CIT 010.* 8 week sessions do not articulate.

This class offers students of all typing levels the opportunity to increase their keyboarding speed and accuracy. Beginning students learn basic keyboarding and language skills, while more experienced keyboarders will continue to develop speed and accuracy through repetitive lessons and testing. Supply Fee: $25. No assessment required. Open Enrollment.

Introduction to Computers

The purpose of this class is to provide students with an introduction to computers which includes familiarization with computer systems and application of software programs. Students will learn how a computer can be used to produce documents and complete projects. Students will learn file management skills such as how to locate, open and save files, keyboard/mouse skills, use the taskbar, use the Internet, send and receive emails with attachments, as well as develop a knowledge of basic computer vocabulary. Supply Fee: $49, does not include textbook. Requirement: Flash Drive. Requires Orientation.

ESL Bridge to Computers

An introductory computer class designed for ESL students who want to learn basic computer skills as well as improve their vocabulary for the workplace. Students will learn computer vocabulary, use the computer keyboard/mouse search the Internet, send and receive emails, open and save files. Supply Fee: $50, includes book.

Customer Service

Students will be introduced to the National Retail Federation Customer Service curriculum and take the industry recognized certification. Exam Fee: Free, does not include text.

Business English / Business Math

Business English: This course introduces/remediates students in the appropriate use of English grammar in both written and verbal communication as may be used in the workplace. The correct usage of spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, development of business letters, memos, and emails will be addressed. Students will be instructed in the process of proof-reading for errors in their own work as well as others. Students will also be expected to give verbal demonstrations of these skills.

Business Math: This course introduces/remediates students in the four basic mathematical functions as they may be used in an office or retail environment; addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Students will explore various workplace uses for mathematical skills including: cashier and money reconciliation, percentages for taxes or discounts, addition of work hours and hourly wages, and more. Fee: $49.

Certified Typing Test

(Advanced registration required!)

Supply Fee: $25 per typing test.

Introduction to Education & Career Planning

Topics include: communication, collaboration, critical thinking, adaptability, accountability, time management, test taking, leadership, and prioritization. Students will be introduced to the National Retail Federation Customer Service curriculum and take the assessment for industry recognized certification. According to industry advisors, those seeking employment need additional career readiness training.

Recommended prior to Introduction to Computer and other Business and Computer

Education courses as well as other Career Technical Education courses. Prerequisite for the Vocational Nursing Program. Fee: Free (Does not include text.)

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